growing up

Many claim that finding yourself is during high school, but that’s not it. Finding yourself takes your whole life. High school is about exploring – the beginning of truly finding yourself.

I don’t know who I am yet; it’s even possible that I will never know, but I’m on the pathway this very instant.

Finding yourself leads to growing up and growing up comes with responsibilities. Growing up can be a very very cruel thing – no more believing in fairytales, no more having your parents buy you things, no more getting what you always want. It’s part of life and it’s unfortunately inevitable. But growing up can also be a very positive thing – learning life lessons, meeting new people, finding true passions. These are the things I’m most definitely excited for. But these things take time and patience. Now don’t get me wrong, listening to a teenage girl isn’t the most useful resource for advice, but take it from me. Although I can’t predict the future nor can I really say things I’m not quite sure of yet, I know (somehow). I know that even though there will be obstacles and stepping stones I’ll have to overcome in order to achieve my goals, I also know that if I believe and try hard enough, I can and will do it. 

This is also an example of growing up: obstacles and stepping stones. No matter what age you are, there will be something you will have to learn to overcome, even if it’s trying to move up to the next level in a videogame in a day or paying your monthly bills or heck, even learning how to use an iPhone because my grandparents certainly don’t know how.

It’s part of growing up and life, and by achieving it, you’ll learn what it takes to live life just like the way you want it to. 



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