the supernatural

The word “supernatural” comes from the latin word supernaturalis, meaning beyond natural. The supernatural has been speculated for many, many years and we have yet to identify or have unmistakable knowledge about it. It has grown worldwide as it is seen everywhere: tv shows, movies, books, etc. We have almost no clue on what these supernatural beings may be, yet we produce them into a form of entertainment and lessons.

Everything about the supernatural is so intriguing to me, it’s unreal. Since the day I’ve heard about Count Dracula, I couldn’t help but look up the actual history and background of him. In fact, they say that he is actually based on Vlad the Impaler, the notorious ruler of Wallachia of the 15th century. Vlad the Impaler was known for his infamous method of torture. Many, if not all of his victims were impaled by large stakes rising from the ground. Eventually, many became thousands as the outside of his kingdom were filled with fields of impaled bodies.

If somebody like Vlad the Impaler is actually and certainly real, why aren’t the supernatural real? Or maybe they are and they don’t want to be discovered. I mean – if I wasn’t a part of the natural world of human beings, I certainly would not want to be either. 

Not only is the supernatural quite common to know about, it’s common seeing people actually make money off of it, and it’s incredibly ridiculous. Although I do like to immerse myself in shows like “Ghost Adventures” and “Fact or Faked?”, I do know that most are not real and that they are all in fact, faked. It’s sad to see humans making a mock of things that they are supposedly not afraid of without actual knowledge of what they are hoping to “discover”. And they make money off of it.

Knowing that things like this turned into things like the supernatural, fascinates me. The supernatural is not a force to be reckon with; it is not something you should play around with. It is not a joke.

But now, many find it to be. Things such as vampires, ghosts, witches, and even mermaids are yet to be discovered, but things are just not meant to be. Although a lot have a great interest in the supernatural, I find that some things are just not supposed to be fathomed. We say that we understand, but do we really? Do we know if these are actually real, or have we just made these things up in order to grasp the knowledge of knowing that something so unreal can be real?



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