summer school

DSC09775Today was my first day of summer school and I both literally and figuratively hated it – no, loathed it. Yes, I do know that it’s only my first day, but seriously, I don’t think I can take anymore of it. Before you assume things, no I did not fail any classes. For me, summer school is my pathway to graduating early.

It’s relieving to know that I’ll be able to graduate one year earlier, but it definitely takes a toll on both my body and mind. Just signing up and knowing the basic outline of summer school gives me an aching headache. But knowing that it will all become better at the end, relieves me even more.

Summer school is not great. It’s not the Breakfast Club, which I sort of did hope it was going to be like, since I was being put in a class full of people that unfortunately did not pass this class. It was not like the scenario where a bunch very stereotypical teenagers were to be put in a room, which resulted in “being friendly” afterwards. I couldn’t be any more wrong.

First, the teacher. She’s alright. She says that she has worked at numerous behavioral schools, which I have no clue if that was supposed to scare us or warn us or what because I certainly was not intimidated. This specific teacher was like any other ordinary teacher there was: trying to act as if she “understood” us teenagers and did not sign up for (I apoligize for my language) bullshit. Literally, the first thing she did was start writing the agenda on the white board, and looked at us with the expression of ‘are you just going to sit there and watch me?’ That message clearly did not work, for nobody took out a piece of paper or pencil, including me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love teachers. They’re the best. I mean – they spend their precious time teaching a bunch of hoodlums every day, while getting paid for a lesser wage. It’s not an easy job, it doesn’t look like it is at least, but I really do not get how they could even spend an hour with whiny kids that feel like they’re the (Again, I apoligize for the language) shit. Please enlighten me why.

Next, the hours. Those dreadful, boring hours. Summer school is 5 hours. Normal public school is 6 HOURS. There is absolutely no difference between the two. What’s even worse is the fact that you are getting taught the same exact subject for that amount of time. Yes, there is a break – a 15 minute one, but you’re not even allowed to scatter around and meet up with friends or socialize. It is mandatory to stay outside your classroom and hang around there until the bell rings. And they say that socializing comes with going to school. Yeah, right.

I’m sorry if I just seem way too triggered right now because I am.

And last, but DEFINITELY not the least, the students. You think your school has the most annoying students? Think again. Not only are there students from my school attending my actual school, there are also students from all around the state that has come to earn their credit that they have utterly and completely failed before. The level of maturity from the students from my high school is one of the many reasons why I chose the pathway of graduating early. It sounds ridiculous, but I seriously cannot stand a year longer with these people. I just cannot relate to them in anyway. And I know that I still am a kid/teen just like them and I’m probably just as knuckle-headed as they are, but I just don’t know what I’d do if I were to be there a year longer.

I apoligize if this post seems too rushed. I needed to get this out not for the sake of writing purposes, but also because I just needed an outlet right now to pour my feelings and emotions into. 


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