selcouth: unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous.

Yes, yes. I got this word from Tumblr. I wouldn’t be your average hipster without the platitude of Tumblr, and yes, I do admit that I am a hipster, as my dad likes to tease me very often about it. I feel like the word selcouth goes upon opinions. To some, what I think may be marvelous, is just overall selcouth, without the “marvelous” part. For example, volcanic lightning. The name speaks for itself. They’re dangerous – extremely dangerous. Although, it occurred in in the month of November of 1963, it is still uncertain what may be the cause of this phenomenon. It is certainly a rare and strange occurrence, but nobody can deny that this isn’t beautiful.


2016 (Japan)

I knew the word “selcouth” was not a commonly known word, and it wasn’t a surprise I found it from Tumblr – hence the reason that many odd things come from Tumblr. Maybe it was destiny.

It was actually the same day that I’ve decided to create a blog, in which I share my thoughts and opinions and so on. I wanted something weird and uncommon for my “username”, and I sort of felt as if the word was meant for someone like me – maybe that was why people often called me the “weird kid”. It wasn’t like I hated it, but I mean – could you have at least picked a better word than “weird”? To me, it was cliché, like it came straight from a stereotypical movie about teenagers. Not that being weird is wrong or anything. Oh, no. Being weird was a lifestyle to me, and still is, but there are many synonyms you could have used to create a better nickname for someone like me, like the “unorthodox kid”. Even basket case was a better name! I don’t know.

On a different note, selcouth is now my other-half – my other identity. 


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